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In many cultures and religions, a stag or a deer represents strength, sacredness, vitality, grace, power, peace, harmony and abundance.

Wordstag is a company that aspires to carry your word to the world, with the same strength, grace, accuracy and power.

For the Wixaritarie people of Central Mexico (huicholes) , the deer is an animal that translates the language of the Gods for Men. Wordstag wants to be that messenger which will convey your message with the same articulation as intended, when the idea was conceived.

It is a company that is young at heart and matured with experience of over a decade in the field of linguistics. Wordstag will cater to any linguistic requirements – be it translation, localization, transcription, transliteration, transcription, interpretation, voice overs, subtitling or creative designing.

We are just a hello bellow away for all your communication needs.

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